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Josephine Gluhak

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Josephine Gluhak


Research saves lives, and ultimately research saved mine.

I have been a proud supporter of Melanoma March since 2019 when I took my first steps in support of MIA’s critical fundraising for life-saving research. At the time I was participating in a clinical trial having been diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma (unknown primary) some months earlier. That initial treatment was the beginning of a roller-coaster process that was filled with challenges and hurdles as well as wins and triumphs when I eventually received the news in 2021 that I had a complete metabolic response.

Without the advances in treatment options that MIA has achieved in recent years, from their many research endeavours, I may not have experienced this outcome and I am so grateful to the MIA.

On this, my fourth Melanoma March, I also honour my much-loved aunt whose life was claimed by mucosal melanoma just weeks after her diagnosis in 2018. She was not able to experience my outcome and she has been a big part of my inner strength.

Melanoma affects thousands of Australians every year. Funds raised for this year’s Melanoma March will help fund a world-first Personalised Immunotherapy Clinical Trial providing much needed research that will potentially assist the survival of patients.

I would really appreciate it if you would take steps with me and click 'Donate Now' to make a secure online donation.

Additionally, if you would share my page and/or comment to support awareness.  

I’m so appreciative for your support.

Thank you,


p.s. If you haven’t had your skin professionally checked in the last 12 months please take a step and see your GP or a skin cancer clinic.

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